Staff testimonials

"The culture of the call center is open and friendly and has a very diverse atmosphere that focuses on development and focus, as well as closeness. From the time that I started, I have belonged to a close, relaxed, yet productive and determined team.
As a call center representative, you must be very patient and you must also know how to talk to people because we deal with people everyday. The workplace environment is very relaxed and friendly.
I like this company because it is based off the people and the growth of the people. I feel like I matter, like my work matters. Here is a place where you grow as a person, as a worker and as a leader. And best of all, there is so much opportunity to grow and develop personally and professionally. "

Rimplejit Kaur

"It was a great experience working with an international company. Bendigo has a great adminstration where they managed all the cash flow smoothly, and I would always be paid on time.
The environment at Bendigo was amazing due to the minor age gap between the workers and the managers. The people there are always ready to help you gain the knowledge needed and the experience as well.
As a foundation student I was blank on the telemarketing part but they have helped me be bold and a extrovert.
It was really easy to get to the office due to the walking distance from KL Sentral, the huge hub of public transportation in Kuala Lumpur.
Thank you Bendigo for the experiences that are just out of the world."

Taher Bin Yusuf

"Great team and great place. I love the work that I do over here I actually learned a lot for that work.
It was a pleasure to me to work with the team and at Bendigo."


"Being a call centre consultant, a typical day at work is how to deal and connect with the customers. I've learned how to socialize with my co-workers and to handle the pressure which I encounter most of the time. And most enjoyable part of the job is to love and to enjoy your work, and also to have fun with your co-workers."